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How MBIE is encouraging diversity in tech!

New Zealand’s tech sector is growing, and assisting and fostering this growth is a key focus for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Within MBIE, the Digital Economy team was established in 2015 to support and encourage continued growth, working closely with the wider digital community.
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Step up to make a difference!

I recently joined the NZTech Women High Impact Team, with the honour of being the group’s first male representative. This has significantly improved the teams gender diversity to a proportion not far off the percentage of women in tech in New Zealand businesses!
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Why political correctness is hurting diversity

Within a mere ten days, I have bounced between speaking in front an audience comprised of just five percent women to another skewed at 99 percent. The former audience included over 800 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for The New Zealand CIO Summit 2017, the latter around 60 young girls during ShadowTech Day.
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Research needed for more women get into tech careers

New Zealand needs more research on why younger generations of women are not considering a career in Tech and why we see a high dropout of women dropout of the workforce, a NZTech leader says.