Return to Tech

TechWomen NZ launches “Return to Tech” – a digital first content series

Re-entry into the workforce at any age or stage of life is a challenge, and there’s no perfect path.  Working women need support to understand the pathways and resources available, when they are preparing to re-enter the workforce.

TechWomen NZ is made up of 380 + women that are all on this journey together. During our technology careers, many of us have made a sideways move or a career pause for one reason or another. Be it an overseas experience (when we can travel again), to start a family or to take the brave plunge to invest in a start up!

For this reason, the 10-month digital content series Return to Tech is launching to offer connection, aspiration, opportunity and access. We share the knowledge and expertise of our community thought leaders, providing support and resources to help you overcome the challenges, anxieties and hurdles that #life presents, allowing you to focus on your Return to Tech journey.  

Our Return to Tech team introduce this series with short videos as to why they find this programme important.

Return to Tech is about building a true peer to peer network and will include:

The Career Beginner

This exciting series will have regular drops. The first drop is focusing on The Career Beginner* for those entering the technology sector, returning after an overseas experience or considering technology as a new career path.

*Source – Deloitte The Female Millennial: A new era of talent

The Career Developer

4-8 years’ work experience. Accustomed to the workplace and focused on developing their expertise, discovering their areas of impact and progressing their career. Predominately living with partner / married. 24% are mothers.

The Career Establisher

9 or more years’ work experience. Developed as a subject expert and focused on establishing their profile as a leading expert internally and externally, and honing their leadership style.