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You are planning to enter the corporate world of IT….so what do you need to think about?

You may have been travelling for 12 months growing your hair long, getting a tan, wearing the same six items of clothing for the past three months and living out of a travel pack. 

Or working for a family member’s business and now you want to work in the field you studied (IT in this instance). 

Owing to Covid, you have spent 18 months wearing a face mask and working in hospitality to pay rent and get to know people in the new city you couldn’t move away from! 

Whatever the scenario, you are about to enter into the corporate world of IT. Information Technology. 

So how do you translate the past 18 months or so, into skills that make sense in the IT world? 

Let’s ask some people that know exactly what they are looking for when hiring Career Beginners in IT. 

Foundation Partners