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Practical tips for increasing diversity in tech companies

Increasing gender diversity in business is a key part of success. Studies have shown that a more motivated, diverse thinking team deliver increased sales, customer satisfaction, better margins AND more innovation.

But increasing diversity is an outcome, not an action itself. In this seminar, two tech leaders will discuss the practical actions and steps they’ve taken at their companies to be a more inclusive workplace and increase diversity.

This is NOT an event for women alone – its aimed at all business leaders who want some practical ideas on how to ensure their workforce better reflects the wider market, and see the value in a better balanced team. From recruitment, to onboarding, to retention, Amanda and Eva will talk through some ideas that you can apply in your own businesses.

Our main speaker Amanda Santos is a high-growth CEO, sales expert and sought-after business advisor, providing governance and strategic support to over 150 enterprises within New Zealand.

Formerly Chief Executive of Tekron, a global market-leader in high-precision atomic and GPS precision timing hardware for power, telecommunications and enterprise industries, Amanda is unafraid to break the traditional CEO stereotype and inspires others to do the same.



Nov 26
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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