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Growing Greatness 2022

Life Changing Learning Experiences offered in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington & Tauranga

  • Are you a talented mid-career professional, ready to step up?
  • Are you wondering where your career is heading?
  • Are you nervous about taking the next step?
  • Has your resilience been tested, and do you want to get your mojo back?
  • Or are you a manager looking to develop or retain a high potential leader?

Many mid-career professionals struggle at this stage in their careers. This is the point where high-potential women are most likely to downgrade their aspirations or leave organisations and high-potential men can derail as they struggle to adapt to the changing face of leadership. The Growing Greatness Programme enables highly valued mid-careerers to pinpoint how they may be getting in their own way and what they need to do to get out of it.

According to research (Sources 1-3), developing and retaining the next generation of leaders and attracting top talent are the two top concerns of CEOs worldwide. Yet despite efforts to strengthen their leadership pipelines, organisations are struggling to do so. Sixty-five percent of HR professionals surveyed rated their organisations’ future leadership bench strength as ‘slightly weak’ or worse. Almost two-thirds of high-potentials say they are dissatisfied with their development experiences, and over two-thirds of high-potential programmes have failed to build a strong pipeline of leaders to take over from the organisations current crop.

Growing Greatness is specifically designed to address the concerns and needs of future leaders organisations can least afford to lose. It enables mid-career high potentials to see themselves as the leaders they are capable of being and take strides to realise their potential.

Our life changing programme Growing Greatness will transform and equip you with what you need to become a more resilient, confident leader.

 The programme will help you:

  • Develop strategies and tools to influence career and leadership outcomes
  • Cultivate a meaningful leadership purpose to guide direction and decisions
  • Enhance self-awareness and clarity on what you want and need to step up
  • Gain insight into what support you need, from whom and how to get it
  • Sharpen your focus on and self-confidence in your already proven capability
  • Meet and network with an awesome group of other mid-career professionals to share experiences and learning

Make 2022 count! To find out more or to book your seat click here


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