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NZTech Women #BeBoldForChange

The World Economic Forum predicts the gender pay gap won’t close entirely until 2186!   What if the world stepped up sooner and took bold action?  NZTech Women met for lunch in Wellington on #IWD2017 to hear BNZ’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Lana West discuss how to #BeBoldForChange toward gender parity.

Lana shared BNZ’s goal of achieving 50/50 gender split by 2020, an example of being bold for change.  Currently at 34% with this year’s target set at 39%, their journey began in 1915 with the first female employed by BNZ.  Initiatives include a flexible working culture and gender balance recruitment policies.

Will you be #BeBoldForChange? Here’s how Lana encourages women to make an impact:

  1. Know your who-ness
    Set your compass to your own purpose in life. Remember, who you are is much more important than what you are.
  2. Go for the firsts
    Aspire to your first leadership role, take steps towards managing your first project or speak in public for the first time.
  3. Network, network, network
    Be bold, stretch your comfort zone and challenge yourself to meet new people. Learn how to value diversity and provide an environment of inclusiveness where people flourish.
  4. Give back
    Consider who, right now, could truly use a boost of energy and belief? Make a difference, no matter how big or small to those around you.  

“We are tired of having a ‘sphere’ doled out to us, and of being told that anything outside that sphere is ‘unwomanly’.  We must be ourselves at all risks,” Lana concluded with the words of Kate Sheppard, acknowledging that this will only happen when we achieve gender parity.  Learn more about BNZ’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion and connect with Lana West.

TechWomen TechWomen is a group of passionate New Zealand tech, digital and ICT focused individuals from leading organisations that work together, with the support of NZTech, to help address the shortage of women in tech roles.