As part of our commitment to advancing Women in Tech, we are piloting a Women in Tech Mentoring Circle programme in Wellington.

We recognise that there are different kinds of challenges and biases that women face across the globe; and we’re committed to providing resources to help you successfully drive your career forward.

Our aim is to provide relationships that will provide you with the knowledge, experience, and perspectives that will help you grow and develop.

Why mentoring?
A Harvard study of 45 CEOs found that 84% of CEOs credited having a mentor relationship with helping them avoid costly mistakes and becoming proficient in their roles faster.

Why a focus on women?
With only 26% female representation in the Tech sector in New Zealand, we have a way to go to achieve true diversity in regard to gender. This initiative links closely with the NZ Tech Women’s goal to help New Zealand women to succeed in the tech sector by creating connections, increasing knowledge and supporting growth. Based on this we are only accepting women for the pilot.

Mentoring Circles – what is it?
This programme will be industry wide and supported by NZTech Women, with six mentees and two mentors in a circle. The mentoring circle will run for four months, and the group will meet monthly.

Why a Circle and not a 1:1 Mentoring relationship?
• Mentees benefit from multiple mentors
• Feedback from peers as well as a mentor will provide the mentee with more diverse points of view and a variety of insights
• It will create a support network with local women in technology
• The group context will create opportunities for teamwork/collaboration on issues
• A circle will create a conversational style of mentoring which is less formal than one-on-one
• A wide variety of topics will be covered

Long-term goal
Our long-term goal is to have mentoring circles taking place all over the country. NZTech Women will support with sourcing meeting space, mentor matching and general communications. Our goal is to create local ‘leaders’ involved to ensure consistency and quality of circles. We are running the pilot in Wellington initially, to gather information about how best to run the circles so that we can scale the programme to other cities in the future.

Want to participate in the pilot?

We are seeking Wellington based women to take part in this pilot in 2018. Please click on the links below to complete the short questionnaire to apply.


Submissions have closed.